Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

1. Purchased item can not be cancelled.

2. If purchased services/certificate/software is not processed within 1 week then the payment will be refunded in the same bank account without deduction.

3. Once the certificate/software/services is full delivered, it will not be cancelled back. 

4. If you booked any certificate and before getting scored card, if user want to cancel the order then he/she can do it within 5 hours of purchase.

5. Once purchased software is installed in the client system then the order will not be cancelled in any case and amount will not refund.

6. Once agreement done for any services like Security, SEO, SMO, etc then amount will be refunded only 70%.

7. Once the invoice is issued, if the user want to regenerate the invoice of the same product then the taxes will be included extra.

8. Weekend like Sunday and Saturday will not be included in processing any certificate/services/software.